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Our Chef


Chef Nan, Leelawat Mankongtiphan

invites you to his flavorful garden bloomed with creativities.

His artworks on the plates recreate the beauty of nature.


He harvests French cooking techniques to combine with Thai wisdom,

and adds a dash of modern gastronomy to create his own signature. He sources quality ingredients from the Royal Project farms and local producers to design exciting dishes.

His menus tell a story of his roots in Chiang Mai, where he planted the first Cuisine de Garden and groomed his culinary experiences.


A variety of medals from international competitions are the fruits of his love for food.

Now Chef Nan and his team are planting their second garden in Bangkok for you to explore.

Chef Nan
Chef Nan
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Nature Inspired


Discover the nature inspired gastronomy journey with 10-course tasting menu. The journey gets even more delightful with the accompanying surprise bites. Each serve is created from ‘Nature Inspired’ concept, pairing local product with finest ingredients through a modern culinary twist. 

And to elevate your experience,

we offer our sommelier’s special wine selection.

The Nest
The Nest
Rain Forest
Coast to Coast